Egyptian Mythology Mashup Pack

For this mashup pack I designed a number of traps and puzzles using redstone circuits. Inspired by Egyptian mythology, the puzzles included temple runs, mazes and hidden tombs.

In addition I also researched ancient Egyptian temples and helped to build a number of well known locations and monuments.

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Norse Mythology Mashup Pack

I was part of the build team which designed and created the playable level included within the Norse Mythology mashup pack. I was involved primarily in designing and building Alfheim, Vanaheim, Jotunheim and Niflheim, four of the nine realms of Norse mythology. While creating various buildings around the map I also helped to design and implement redstone puzzles.

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Glide Mini Game

Glide is a mini game mode for Minecraft Console Edition. Equipped with a pair of wings, players race against each other swooping through an aerial track collecting points rings or aiming for the quickest time. In total, 4J Studios released 12 tracks for Glide.

I was part of the build team which designed and built the racetracks. I was involved with most of the tracks released and was able to take an active involvement with building assets and environmental terraforming to track layout and working with XML to position rings and speed boosts.

In addition to building the tracks, the build team were also responsible for playtesting the tracks, reporting feedback and making changes to the maps.

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Fallout Battle Map Pack

The first project I was involved with at 4J Studios. I helped to build and test the 3 Fallout Battle Maps which were released for Minecraft Console Edition’s Mini Game mode. We rebuilt well-known locations found in the Fallout games and turned them into closed arenas which players could fight in.

I designed and implemented redstone traps which were used throughout the maps. In addition, I also worked with XML documentation to modify the spawn and loot locations on the maps.

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