Pirates of the Caribbean Mashup Pack

I was heavily involved with the level design for this pack from the initial scale tests to level design, textures and testing. My main responsibilities on this project were:

  • The Ships – accurately recreating the iconic ships in voxel form. I built the initial designs for the Black Pearl, Flying Dutchman, HMS Endeavour and HMS Interceptor.
  • The World – painting the world on a 2D height and biome map and generating a playable Minecraft world.
  • Locations – building iconic locations such as Davy Jones’ Locker, the Fountain of Youth and Rum Runner’s Island.
  • Puzzles – creating a number of puzzles and interactions recreating moments from the film franchise.

Additionally, I was also involved in:

  • Animated Textures – pixel art animated textures for kelp, seagrass, fire, the clock and Jack Sparrow’s famous compass.
  • Video Production – producing and editing in-game flythoughs of the world and walkthroughs of each puzzle for internal and external review.


More info: https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/pirates-caribbean-skin-pack-out-today