3D Animation Brief – Plan

By September 28, 2014 May 10th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

I’ve chosen to take on the 3D animation brief for this semester. In the brief I have to plan and develop five short action tests (5-10 seconds) of the following actions:

  1. Picking up a heavy sword and swinging it 360 degrees.
  2. Running into a stationary object and getting knocked back/unconscious.
  3. Casting an epic spell that needs a lot or arm flailing.
  4. Jumping across a small stream.
  5. One action of your own invention in a similar theme.

As well as a final animation reel, the deliverables also include a story board sheet and an animatic of the proposed animations.

I plan to go about this brief by first researching into other animations that use exaggeration and other principles of animation effectively. I will analyse these animations and how they use the principles to define their own animation style.

I will get an idea of what I want to do in each animation by exploring different poses and scenarios. I will develop draft story boards from these and iterate them until I am happy with them. From there I will produce an animatic and if I am happy with the timing, pacing and composition I can begin animating. I will probably be at different stages with each animation at any one time which is fine.

For structured feedback week (week 7) I hope to have a good idea of what I will be animating for each of the five actions by having my storyboards and animatics hopefully finished.

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