Animation Research – Sword Swing

By October 13, 2014 May 10th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

As part of my research into my brief I have been looking at similar animations to the actions I will be animating myself as part of the coursework.

For the sword swinging animation I’d like to include the character picking up the sword, finding it to be heavier than expected so he puts more effort into picking it up but gets carried away by the swords own momentum once in the air.

So there will be a moment of him bending down and putting effort to lift something heavy. The second part of the animation will be the character trying to hold his balance as he swings the sword 360 degrees.

Here are a few clips I gathered that have helped me with coming up with how to plan the animation (footwork, balance, posing, etc.)

As the character swings the sword 360 degrees I wanted the sword to be be in control of him, to show how he is not very skilled in using a sword. I looked at Weight Throws from the Highland Games to get an idea of how people balance themselves while swinging something around them. I want to do something similar in my animation.

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