Looking at Other Rigs – Continued

By October 3, 2014 May 8th, 2016 Technical Art Applications

I have collected a number of rigs to look at. Some of which I have used to animate and some just to see how they function. I will list some of these rigs here and some of their identifying features.

Andy Rig

  • Can switch gender and clothes via attributes.
  • Limbs can be stretched
  • Facial controls that more than one aspect of an object, i.e…
    • mouth slider can control shape of mouth and jaw rotation
    • brow slider can control elevation of eyebrows but sliding to the left or right controls which eyebrow is affected more
  • Ability to control where elbow/knee controls are parented to (either part of the rig or the world)

Sam Rig

  • “Breathing” attribute that deforms chest
  • Help toggle that displays text around some controls explaining how they work
  • FK controls have hidden nodes to help prevent gimble lock
  • Facial UI looks like a face, moving the controls also deforms the control’s shape
  • Eye aimer control can be locked to world, moving eyes also moves eyelids and parts of the face

Eleven Rig

  • Multiple attributes allowing you to change the default shape, size, gender and proportions of the character model.
  • Facial controls placed directly on the face
  • Squash and stretch options for limbs
  • Scaling options on many limbs (a tiny head is amusing to me)

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