Self Evaluation Strategy

By October 2, 2014 May 9th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

From my understanding the Self Evaulation Strategy is the way I will reflect upon any research or development tasks I do. It will accompany work as a way of evaluating what I have done, how well it was done and how it can be done better next time.

So this blog post can be more summed up as a self evaluation strategy – strategy. I have already conducted three in-class self evaluation studies and hope to tackle a few of my own in time. However, I will also apply my self evaluation to all work I post, either through progress reports reflecting on my work or through development of ideas that I can reflect upon.

I will ensure that any self evaluations I do reflect my own field of work, such as how applying techniques field can benefit my animation skills.

Hopefully I can get a hang of this self evaluation strategy and tackle it in a way that benefits me to help improve.

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