Animation Context

By November 20, 2014 May 11th, 2016 Creative Research

As a response to my task on power centres, I’d like to concentrate on giving characters a more believable purpose for the actions they are doing.

As an example:

I feel like animating a character running away from something and knocking over some rubbish bins in the process. Rather than just go ahead and animate that, I will give some consideration to the context of that animation within a larger narrative. Some questions that could be asked to inform the animation include:

  • Who is he running from?
    • Authorities (police).
  • What did he do to justify running away?
    • Minor crime escalated, police after him.
  • How does he feel about that?
    • Anxious, guilty, scared.
  • Where is he going?
    • Nowhere in particular, any location that is safe, the nearest location to escape to and come up with a bigger plan.
  • How does all that inform his movement?
    • Quicker pace, light steps, eyes darting around, high shoulders/low head

I created a small scene in which I applied these considerations.

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