Scripting Tool Pseudocode

By November 26, 2014 May 8th, 2016 Technical Art Applications

For the functionality of my scripted tool I’ve written some pseudo-code (in python format) that will guide me in programming later on.

This handles functionality of creating control shapes as well as user interface elements.

  • import maya commands
  • define function name_check_select
    • enable name_input textField
  • define function name_check_deselect
    • disable name_input textField
  • define function create_control
    • joint_name from selection
    • joint_name_stub = replace “jnt” with “” in joint_name
    • current_ctrl_shape = “ctrl” + joint_name_stub
    • current_group = “grp” + joint_name_stub + “offset”
    • radius = radius_input from textField
    • if radio_general radioButton is selected
      • create nurbsCircle with name current_ctrl_shape and radius of radius
    • if radio_rotator radioButton is selected
      • create nurbsCircle with name current_ctrl_shape and radius of radius
      • delete history on current_ctrl_shape
      • duplicate current_ctrl_shape with temporary name circle_1
      • duplicate current_ctrl_shape with temporary name circle_2
      • rotate circle_1 by 90 degrees in X axis
      • rotate circle_2 by 90 degrees in Y axis
      • freeze transformations on circle_1
      • freeze transformations on circle_2
      • parent the shape node of circle_1 to current_ctrl_shape
      • parent the shape node of circle_2 to current_ctrl_shape
      • delete circle_1 transform node
      • delete circle_2 transform node
    • create a group with name current_group for current_ctrl_shape
    • parent current_group to joint_name
    • set rotateX attribute on current_group to 0
    • set rotateY attribute on current_group to 0
    • set rotateZ attribute on current_group to 0
    • set translateX attribute on current_group to 0
    • set translateY attribute on current_group to 0
    • set translateZ attribute on current_group to 0
    • unparent current_group from joint_name
  • if window wnd_control_maker exists
    • delete wnd_control_maker
  • create wnd_ctrl_maker
  • create buttons, radioButtons, text and textFields
  • position buttons, radioButtons, text and textFields on form
  • show wnd_control_maker

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