Presentation 2 – Feedback

By December 5, 2014 May 11th, 2016 Creative Research

For my second presentation for this module I spoke further about the ideas for my project, what I had been researching so far and how I want to continue in the module.

The presentation can be found on Dropbox.

While preparing for this presentation I first reworked my vision statement to better match the direction I was taking with the project:

“To build a showreel of animation, that focuses on performance in acting. To improve my skills as an animator and to develop my animation style.”

The showreel being a selection of the animations I do throughout the year in relation to my research. I am still focusing on the performance side of animation, currently exploring acting techniques and referring closely to Ed Hooks’ Acting for Animators.

In the presentation I showed off my recent work, the blocking and lip sync clip, then followed that by summing up my exercise on power centres and context in animation.

The feedback was mostly positive with being on the right tracks. I was told to keep focusing on Ed Hooks’ Acting for Animators more than the 12 principles.

I was told that I may want to consider a more polished 5 second animation clip in addition to tests and explorations to showcase elements which I have been researching into.

And finally that I should be doing more iterations of things, for example with power centres I should be trying multiple versions of the same power centre, and exploring different results that could be achieved. Iteration is pretty much how the project on the whole is leaning towards: doing something, finding a problem, learning how to fix it, and do it again, etc.

With the second presentation out of the way I can take a more relaxed approach for the next while and hopefully sit down and focus on the animation.

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