Scripting & Dynamics

By January 29, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Scripting and Dynamics

I have taken Scripting & Dynamics this semester which is a continuation of the Technical Art Applications module.

For the coursework we are able to choose a project in any of the many fields of visual effects and scripting for visual effects. I am more particularly interested in the art side of the course and how I could use particle systems and dynamics to help build an environment.

Although we’ve yet to look at the particular methods of fluids, cloth and scripting, I can begin to think about what kind of things I may want to make:

  • Planetary and space visual effects
  • Atmospheric effects including particles, weather, winds, smoke, etc.
  • Compositing effects onto film
  • Meteor or spacecraft re-entry effects

I am interested in exploring anything related to space as I feel my personal interest and knowledge of astronomy and spaceflight could be used to my advantage.

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