Robot Character Animation 3

By March 18, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

This playblast shows the next iteration of this animation. I’ve slightly tweaked the curves on the initial walk cycle mainly on the arms. It adds a little more “gravity” to the scene which is unnoticeable small but I do think it is an improvement.

I’ve also altered the pause where the robot sees the button. He begins to take his next step but doesn’t make it and his leg pauses in air for a while. I’m still tweaking on this as its not quite right, especially when returning to the ground.

I’ve now completed the walk cycle all the way up to the button including all the arm and feet movement. This walk approaching is slightly slower paced and he doesn’t swing his arms as high. The character’s head also remains fixed to looking at the button. His body rotates slightly towards the button as he gets closer.

I’ve thought up the end of the scenario and decided it would be funny if the character ended up messing something up. In this case, the button doesn’t do anything specifically but the consequence of putting force on the button causes the thin wall to shake out of place and quickly fall over. I’ve began blocking out the jump reaction the character has. Again, I was looking at Wall-E for the way he often reacts to things.

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