Slipping on a Puddle

By April 18, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

As my time has been limited and will only get more limited. I started a new animation which I will hopefully finish in time. It’s a smaller scenario and a bit more light-hearted. It requires less physics and more silly exaggeration than I’ve done in a while.

The scenario is simply walking into a puddle/oil slick, having a moment trying to balance and then falling flat onto the ground.

I started the animation with another walk cycle. I went for extremely jolly with big strides, a terrifying smile and a care free attitude. I like how this walk cycle turned out. Usually I have to edit the pacing of these animations but I seem to have this one fine from the start.

I’ve not blocked out the later leg movement as I know the footwork is the big action requirement of the scene. I plan to do some wacky arm movements and over-the-top balancing before falling to the ground. I was initially inspired to do this animation after seeing a funny video a while back, still makes me laugh.

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