Waking Up 2

By April 6, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

In this playblast, I’ve been slowly polishing up all of the basic blocking in this scenario.

I’ve added some more rotation in his head so that he’s almost always moving ever so gradually on the pillow. I think this adds a great drowsy feeling to his actions. As he reaches out for the alarm I’ve added a little bit of body motion as he stretches out. The action of hitting the alarm has been tweaked, I’ve added some wrist and elbow motion to get that floppy arm, half-effort attempt to hit the snooze button. I still need to tweak the curves to get more of an impact on each hit.

The eyes now open as he looks up for the first time and close as he falls back into bed. I’ve added in a lot of back bend in both attempts when he tries to sit up. Note that the arms do clip through the bed, I haven’t worked on that yet.

The rest of the animation is still un-worked on, slowly getting there but I’m enjoying this one.

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