Waking Up 3

By April 12, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

This is the final playblast for this animation. I probably should’ve “playblast’d” the progress between this and the last one but got carried away with animating and forgot to.

This has been one of the longest animations I’ve made and one I’ve spent the most time on. Although I did say in my reflective brief that I was aiming for 5-10 second animations, this one tops almost 25 seconds. Although the animation is slower paced and not as intense, there’s a lot of subtly in the animation. This will probably count towards 2 of my total animations this semester as its quite a lot.

I’ll go through the animation chronologically and explain the differences.

Starting off with the alarm clock, the upper arm now drags the lower arm up above it. I’ve added more ‘force’ to the hit, it looks live gravity is properly effecting his arm and he’s simply dropping it on the clock. I’ve added some floppy wrist action and the fingers are also animated now. He attempts to hit the clock in a number of different places.

Once the alarm clock goes off his arm just drops back instead of going back to where it was before. I think its a great addition that just emphasises the tiredness, laziness or care free nature of the character.

The arms and legs no longer clip through the bed as I’ve changed their animation controllers to Inverse Kinematics (IK), which means that they remain stationary regardless of where the body is rotating. The arms still remain Forward Kinematics (FK) until the hands make contact with the bed just as he’s about to push himself up.

As he pushes himself up his arms droop to his sides with his hands just trailing along the bed. He leans forward and his head just hangs forward drowsily until he decides to put his feet on the ground.

His head continues to bobble around as his body leads the way. The character has a moment to compose himself but instead falls back to the bed.

The impact comprises of his arms succumbing to gravity and his body also falls back to the bed with his head bumping around the pillow.

I have more to say about this animation but I shall do so in the following self evaluation.

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