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By September 11, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Honours Project

Hello and welcome to my honours year blog. This is week one and ahead of me is a year which I have no idea will pan out. All I know is there will be a lot of researching, a lot of work and a lot of stress. However I hope this year will also be inspiring, enjoyable and allow me to develop my skills.

What I’ve began to consider so far is what I will want to be making this year. I want to continue focusing on animation as my main specialisation, in particular: 3D computer animation.

Researching and practising in animation may lead me to produce a short animated film as my final product, but I may also end up creating a series of animations or another piece which involves animation.

I have a couple of ideas in mind which I want to expand upon, these include mixing animation mediums such as 3D animation with stop-motion or live action film footage. Over the summer I have been working on stop-motion projects and really enjoying it, I would love to incorporate stop-motion into my project somehow if its possible. This is an excerpt from my sketchbook mapping out which animation types could mix:

On the narrative and characterisation side of things, I’ve not yet thought about what to explore. One idea I did have was animating stop-motion characters in real life locations, I would use the locations to tell the stories of the people who lived there.

So as you can see, a few ideas and a vague direction in which to go in. Obviously I’ve got a lot of research ahead of me. I will look into books that can help guide me in the right direction and discuss with others which ideas are worth developing.

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