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By September 22, 2015 May 5th, 2016 Honours Project

Following the exercise on writing down questions I expanded on some of them. After meeting with Lynn Parker it seemed I was missing questions regarding stop-motion even though it is one of the animation mediums I am most interested in exploring this year.

One of the questions I wrote down was “What about animation interests me?” To expand upon that I ask myself “What about stop-motion animation interests me?” This is a question I’m not sure I can even fully answer and will no doubt play a part in my project in some way or another.

Stop-motion animation appeals to me because like any animation medium, its mesmerising to see something come to life. Everyone as a child has played with their toys, moving them around and pretending as if they are alive. I see stop motion as the next level up, taking that imagination and making it real.

The physicality of stop-motion particularly interests me, I like building things and working with my hands. I’m not a particularly strong drawer so having something physical to work with means I don’t have to worry about maintaining volumes or keeping character drawings consistent.

I’d like to expand on this further and have began reading “Stop Motion: Passion, Process and Performance” in a hope to understand more about the finer details of stop motion.

Over the next few weeks I’ll also do some media tests involving different stop motion materials and look further into the features of stop motion that I want to explore further into.

A couple of other questions I could explore:

  • What is appealing about the visual quality of stop-motion?
  • Why would stop-motion be used over 3D computer animation?
  • How does the process of stop-motion influence the content of the animation?
  • How do the imperfections of stop-motion actually enhance the animation?

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