Animation – Paper Cut Out

By November 19, 2015 May 5th, 2016 Honours Project

I really liked how the technique of layering materials over a lightbox turned out for the rice animations so I tried adding layers of paper to create a simple environment.

I made a simple character made from cut-out card that had a limited degree of movement and animated him walking across the screen.

The camera was set to give a contrast between the light and dark. I turned up the exposure and contrast, while reducing the colour saturation. Positioning a light beneath the table illuminated the set well and each additional layer of paper reduced the light shining through.

Overall I like the visual look of this appears. I was inspired by the likes of Limbo, a game which has a similar aesthetic. While the animation doesn’t have a lot going for it due to the limited character movement, I like the quality of movement it has as it walks across the screen. It was challenging to keep this character’s limbs in position while moving others and sometimes the layers of paper would lift up preventing the character from sliding across the surface.

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