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By March 21, 2016 May 5th, 2016 Honours Project

This week I’ve deviated from my Honours project and have been focusing on another stop motion animated project. That project is a Lego recreation of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. I began working on that project last year not long after the original trailer was released. I worked on it on-and-off during my fourth year at university as a side project. I chose to animate this trailer as I’m personally a fan of Batman and always wanted to recreate a trailer in Lego. As I am approaching the end of my university studies I wanted to revive my YouTube channel so that I had a range of work I can use as a portfolio for my time beyond university.

My YouTube channel is a big part of my life and its the reason why I’m studying this course. During my time at university among other distractions I’ve not put the channel aside. However I wanted to come back with a bang, something impressive, in order to revive my channel. My channel remains a good outlet for getting my work out there and it also acts as a good backup plan in the case that I cannot find work easily.

Last week prompted a sudden acceleration in the pace of this animation’s development and I’m fully committing myself to finishing the animation in time.

I spoke with my supervisor Lynn and showed her the current progress of this animation. While she supported me with finishing this project there were concerns about my Honours project and the lack of work shown for this week. I’m aware that I shouldn’t be taking breaks from my final year’s work like this but I made the decision that getting my Lego Batman v Superman video out would be beneficial in the long run and help to prepare myself for time beyond university.

Last week has been fully committed to the animation and I’ve spent most of my waking hours working on it. Thankfully I am on schedule and my written schedule for filming has been spot on for the last week and a bit. With that in mind I am on track to finish it by the movie’s release this week. Lynn did raise the concern about “burning out” and I’m aware that’s a concern. But I am in high spirits and I enjoy what I do so hopefully all goes well.

In response, I will need to ensure I keep up the pace in order to catch up on missed time working on my Honours project. I’ve agreed for next week to work on completing my animatic.

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