Supervisor Meeting – March 7

By March 8, 2016 May 5th, 2016 Honours Project

This week’s supervisor meeting was mainly discussing my plans for the next few weeks and going over how my presentation went in the previous week.

I sent over my dissertation structure/plan earlier in the week and was told I should expect more detailed feedback later in the week. I did get some quick feedback such as how I could go about combining a discussions section with my “making of” section and that I should considering merging the “making of” section with my methodology since they are both outlining the same thing.

Last week I was able to get in contact with the supplier of my armature kit and was told I was sent the wrong type of glue in the kit I ordered. The good news is they replaced my armature free of charge so now I am able to begin animating again. I was asked on-the-spot what its name was and I came up with “Kenny the armature”.

I explained how my set design wasn’t yet complete but we discussed that animating a quick test show would be beneficial. This week I will test my production pipeline by animating a test shot and hopefully gain a better understanding of the composition, staging and lighting of my setup. I will also try out some post production filters such as colour correction or balancing contrast which will help me to fine tune my lighting so that if I do choose to use filters I will be able to do so with greater ease.

We also discussed things I’ll need to look at further down the line such as the graduate show and final presentation. For the graduate show things like business cards, a poster and a website are needed. I figured these would be easier to tackle once I’m mid-production and have a better understanding of what my animation will look visually. Lynn suggested a movie poster would be good to make and I’ll consider how I want to make that soon.

I also managed to acquire additional clay from Ian Donald who had allowed our Global Game Jam team to use clay the university had earlier in the year. The clay was sitting unused in a locker so if I have a use for it, I will now have access to it. I will probably use these additional materials to add more details to my set, and if needed to my character.

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