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By November 25, 2014 May 11th, 2016 Technical Art Applications

For inspiration into my own scripting tool I did some research into other tools out there that are designed to assist in the rigging process.

There is definitely a lot out there, ranging from simple scripts that can solve a simple problem to complex tools that can automate most of the rigging process. The type of tools and where they are used can vary, with some tools being used to interact with a fully built rig, to others that help build the rigs.

Here’s a few I found with some notes on their uses in relation to my own work so far.

Display Color Override

A neat little script that displays a colour index UI used for easily selecting a colour. This is used for objects such as control shapes to change their colour rather than having to go into the attribute editor and using the slider to find the colour you are looking for.

Radial Blend Shape

Useful tool that assists in setting up facial deformers such as eyelids and eyebrows. The deformer is suited to keeping eyelids deforming properly (i.e. over the eye).

Control Curve Creator UI

A similar scripting tool to what I imagine I want to create. This is quite extensive offering multiple shape options, a colour selection grid and additional options such as auto/manual name toggle and adding text.

This script only creates the control shapes for future use in rigs, it doesn’t apply them to any joint.

Biped Auto Rigging Script

Create a full rig or a specific part of a rig, can rig characters in any position and is fully scalable. Allows IK/FK switches and other features.

One of the many auto-rigging tools out there, this was created by a student. Is pretty comprehensive but other auto-rigging tools have gone much further.

Rapid Rig: Poser

The only scripting tool on this list that costs money. This is a UI designed to enhance animation and allows the user to save out poses on a character rig. It also allows you to mirror a pose across the body and to transfer poses to other rigs.

It also acts as a picker allowing you to select control shapes from a user interface. This script is by far the most advanced and comprehensive script on this list but it does have dependencies on other tools.

This is a companion tool to the Rapid Rig: Advanced script (another auto rigging tool). Poser tools are often tied to the rigs they are designed for.

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