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By January 24, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

For the learning contract I further clarified what I want to do for my project. I’ve copied over some of the information from the brief.

3D Animation Self-Improvement and Exploration

Continuing focus on 3D animation from last semester with the aim of self-improvement from evaluating past and ongoing work.

Design, experiment and evaluate animations throughout the semester for the purpose of self-improvement and exploration of style.

Personal Reflective Objective

Last semester I made a decent attempt at the animation coursework but there were notable problems including timing issues and not getting a sense of weight from the characters. As all 5 animations were worked on simultaneously and handed in at one time, I feel it would be more beneficial to work on one animation after the other to give myself time to reflect and evaluate on each animation before moving on. This also opens up the possibility to re-iterate and correct mistakes that are able to be fixed as I learn. Posting to Behance and my blog will allow me to get any feedback for things I miss as well as suggestions to improve.

Practical Reflective Objective

Improving as an animator is still my aim and I am aware there is a lot of room for improvement. I still want to focus on this rather than other fields. The best way to improve would be to continue with working on and completing animations. Without focusing too much on pre-production, I want to focus purely on the animated character, however should put some extra thought into their motives and feelings in order to achieve a more engaging outcome. I will work in short sprints and create animations “on the whim” to whatever action I feel like trying out. I will give myself about two weeks to complete an animation then I will evaluate the process, what I did right and what I could have done better.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding the 3D animation pipeline
  2. Utilising advanced technical features such as the graph editor
  3. Appropriately using the principles of animation to develop and explore an animation style
  4. Applying acting techniques to improve performance in animation


  1. Project Development Blog
    • Will contain evidence of the practical processes, thoughts, storyboards and research undertaken which reinforce the project. The blog should contain a reflective log for approximately each week.
  2. Behance WIP Posts
    • I will have Work In Progress Posts on my Behance profile which will show updates of my work on a weekly basis as well as any feedback my peers have left and the responses I have had to this feedback.
  3. Behance Portfolio
    • My profile will have a ‘CAP Semester 2’ Project which contains the final animations for the project.
  4. Project Deliverables
    • There should be a minimum of 5 animations in total. Each animation should be of around 5-10 seconds.

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