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By January 19, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

After speaking with Ryan (lecturer) I discussed a few ideas for my project this semester. I still want to focus on improving my animation skills. To do that, I should stick with animation and just keep working on stuff to hopefully get better at it.

An idea for a project came up which mainly focused on self improvement. Instead of working on 5 animations simultaneously and handing them in at the end, I would instead work on a series of animations one after the other evaluating and reflecting as I go. This will allow me progressively improve when identifying problems.

So I will animate in “sprints” perhaps spending a week or two on an animation, then review it in a video evaluation and highlight weaknesses I can work on and hope to tackle them on a future animation.

I want to also focus more on the animation than the planning of it. Although storyboards are useful in some cases, I feel more comfortable with animating “on the whim” where often I can make more appealing and humorous animations, this approach usually only works on small animations which suits me fine for this project.

Next steps here would be to write this up in more details for the learning contract, to evaluate work from last semester to identify problems to tackle and to begin to animate whatever comes to my head.

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