Semester 2 – Ideas and Proposal

By January 15, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

Off the top of my head: I want to continue working in 3D animation, probably creating a series of animations (maybe include motion-capture, maybe focus on humour/style or something else).

Statement of Intent

Continue focusing on 3D animation to improve my skills and to create a series of animations (brief to be determined) that explores this.

Previous Semester

Last semester I focused a lot of 3D animation, it was my first attempt at animating in a 3D package. It required me to transfer my previous 2D and stop-motion animation skills into 3D as well as learn the ropes of the way 3D works. There’s a lot more technical things to get a grip on like the graph editor and interface.

Reflective Evaluation

For this module I think I’d like to continue focusing on 3D animation. I think my strength lies in when I have a strong idea of my own (often humorous) that I see to the end.

I think my weaknesses lie mainly in the timing of the movement in the characters. I think the poses are suitable but could be more quick paced in moving to those poses and more emphasis of anticipation and follow through.

Proposed Project

The sort of project ideas I currently have in mind are mainly creating a series of animations. Similar to last semester they’d be short 5-10 seconds. I’d choose a focus such as creating these animations for a character in a game, or perhaps a few scenarios with a stylized animation technique such as squash and stretch. I may want to experiment with motion capture to create more realistic animations.

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