Robot Character Animation 1

By March 1, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Computer Arts Practice

As part of my ‘Professional Project’ module I have been creating animation rigs for our game and animating them. As I have animated with the rig I’ve imagined how that character would move out-with the game’s environment. The character model for this rig was designed by fellow classmate Ryan Shearer. I wanted to use this rig in an animation created for this semester.

The walk cycle in-game is quite military and has an obvious focus on getting that character to the other side of the battlefield to fight. As part of ‘Creative Research’ I explored different variations of a walk cycle that was more light-hearted and bouncy to match the character’s profile.

These are three walk cycles which I did for ‘Creative Research’ on which I based my next animation for this module on. Each walk cycle has a different character to it, this has been attributed to how much movement went into the body and the tempo of the character’s walk.

I liked the bubbly bouncy character style that swung his arms and bobbed his head as he went. I designed a scenario in which he encountered a strange button and his curiosity gets the better of him.

At the moment I only have the basic movement blocked out, just the walking right now. The pace is a bit slow so I shall speed this up next iteration.

Still have to add arm movements and have him actually press the button.

I’d like to add more of a reaction shot to him seeing the button and then cautiously or curiously approach the button. I’m not exactly sure what should happen once he presses the button. I’ll see what I can think up.

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