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By March 2, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Scripting and Dynamics

As part of the coursework submissions I have built a more detailed plan for what I’d like to create this semester.

I have chosen to focus on environmental dynamic effects, in particular atmospheric effects, clouds and dust. I’ll be looking into the way fluids and particles can be used to create these effects and how they can be used to inform the viewer the narrative of the environment.

Research has already been posted to this blog but I’d like to also look into films as an example. I referenced Prometheus and Riddick as examples of alien planets that have a hostile feel to them.

I’ve set myself the following aims:

  1. To explore and understand the use of dynamic fluids and particles in the creation of atmospheres, clouds and dust.
  2. Explore how atmospheric and environmental VFX can be used to enhance the narrative in film or animation.
  3. Create a series of renders that reflect the research and testing.

The tasks I’ve set myself for the project include creating iterations of simulations with maya fluids and particles, research into VFX environments in films, and finally putting what I’ve learned together into a final scene or scenes.

As a lot of this is new to me I’ve not entirely defined the scope as to what I’ll be able to cover but I will definitely have a final rendered shot as well as progress and iterations playblasts.

The full learning contract document can be viewed on Dropbox.

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