Rendering Errors

By April 23, 2015 May 11th, 2016 Scripting and Dynamics

Unfortunately I’ve been experiencing a lot of rendering errors which I have so far been unable to solve. This is particularly distressing considering hand-ins are approaching.

This blog post documents the errors and steps taken to try and solve a workaround.

The main error I’ve encountered is “Error: *Fatal* (mental ray) : mental ray encountered a fatal error. The system may have become unstable. Please save the scene and exit Maya.”

Unfortunately Maya does not give any more additional information about this error and looking up troubleshooting gives multiple possible causes and solutions. As always with Maya errors, a number of people online also claim to run into this problem but rarely are there any mentions of how or if the problem was solved.

Maya’s Support Article claims the issue is related to textures being only 1 pixel however this does not seem to be the issue I’m having. The scene has been previously able to render but it is perhaps an additional object in the scene which is preventing the render. I will attempt to identify what object may be causing this.

Maya Software and Hardware rendering still works but the quality is far less superior and greatly increases the visibility of particles in the scene which doesn’t particularly look very good. It does still show the storm script in operation which is good and may have to be used.

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