Supervisor Meeting – Feedback to Story Changes

By February 18, 2016 May 5th, 2016 Honours Project

I met with Simone today for the final time. Today’s meeting was short but helpful. I mostly spent the time explaining and showing my new story idea. Although I felt I was a little bit behind due to the animatic and dissertation, because I had a stronger story idea I felt more confident moving on from here.

Feedback was good: the new idea was simpler but stronger than the previous. The story is more concise due to leaving out things like television scenes and looking out windows. The character moves more from the start which is much more interesting to watch. This story was also much easier to tie into the dissertation as I was directly focusing on materials and movement and using these as the things to drive the story.

I also discussed my plans for the upcoming weeks. Since there is a progress presentation in two weeks, I have set myself the goals of completing the storyboard and expanding upon potential ending ideas. I will also dedicate more time to the dissertation and outline the structure more clearly so that it can be understood by others.

For the presentation I will show the storyboard for this idea and it would be nice if there were an animatic to go along with it. I want to ensure my story does come across strong and using the feedback from that presentation will help me further shape the story to its final draft. By that point I may already have started animating on that final animation. Starting from now I hope to expand on testing the range of actions and expressions the armature character is capable of so I know what to expect when beginning the final animating.

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