Global Game Jam 2018

The League of Cardboard Assassins: a hitman NFC interactive cardboard city game.


Global Game Jam 2017

A Kraken Adventure: Nautical themed papercraft game.


Lego Batman v Superman

A Lego animated shot-for-shot recreation of the Batman v Superman Comic-Con trailer.


University Honours Project

Exploring materials and movement in stop motion animation.


Latest Blog Post

Website is Go

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It’s been a wee while since my last blog post or this is my first blog post depending on how you look at it. Welcome to my new site, a website which acts as my portfolio and also dumping ground (meaning that in the best possible way) for all the various arty things I do with my time.

I’ve been busy collating the various university project blogs I had into one big blog which if you’re reading this post means you’ve probably found it easily. Also on the site is a portfolio page which contains a number of the projects I’ve worked on which includes image galleries, videos and documents. I’ve also got a showreel which I’ll also be updating as I make more animations and get a better understanding of how to make the most of a showreel.

This new website takes over my old website which can still be found at and I’ll keep it as it is for historical purposes. Creating this site was a whole new experience for me as I pretty much had to learn everything about web hosting from scratch. Once I found a web host with the right features and right price, I chose a WordPress theme and got to work building up all the features of the site in the format that I wanted. Populating the portfolio section definitely took the longest as much of my work wasn’t readily available in a presentable format. This website does reflect my taste in design and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Having now graduated from university last month where project blogs were assessed, I’m no longer obligated to keep a blog. However despite initial gripes with blogging, I do want to continue this blog into the future. I’m not quite sure what that blog content will consist of. With no current project deadlines looming, I find myself in a limbo of working on my own personal projects and seeking employment that will put my skills to good use.

If you’re discovering this site from my YouTube channel: then hello there and welcome, take a look around and see what else I’m up to. If you’re visiting from an old project blog of mine: hello there, those blogs are still here and categorised for convenience. If you’re here for any other reason: hello there, feel free to see what I’m all about.